[ADMB Users] sdreport variables in SEPERABLE_FUNCTIONs

Mark Maunder mmaunder at iattc.org
Fri Feb 17 00:00:21 PST 2012

How can you calculate a derived quantity that is a function of the random effects and other estimated parameters and estimated its standard deviation when using a SEPERABLE_FUNCTION?

In the ADMBre manual it states
"Objects defined in the PARAMETER_SECTION must be passed as arguments to g_cluster.
There is one exception: the objective function g is a global object, and does not need to
be an argument. Temporary/programming variables should be defined locally within

I was able to make a sdreport parameter as a function of non re parameters in the sd_phase(), but it did not work if it was a function of a re parameter. I tried passing the sdreport parameter as a non const argument to the SEPERABILITY FUNCTION, but that did not work either.

Does anyone have any suggestions?



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