[ADMB Users] Dealing with R issues

Arni Magnusson arnima at hafro.is
Mon Feb 20 13:41:50 PST 2012

To be fair, ADMB has its share of gotchas, and it would probably be 
worthwhile to start a small collection - an infernito? Definitely not too 

I can remember a few 'hah' and 'whoa' moments while reading messages on 
the ADMB user mailing list, but would fall right into the same traps. 
We're not going to straighten out all dangerous curves in ADMB, but some 
warning signs might help.

   |      CAUTION       |
   |   this sign has    |
   |    SHARP EDGES     |
   |  do not touch the  |
   | edges of this sign |

On Mon, 20 Feb 2012, Mark Maunder wrote:

> I found this while looking for a solution to the R error statement 
> "unexpected 'else' in "else"" and thought it might be useful to some of 
> the ADMB users that use R do look at results
> http://www.burns-stat.com/pages/Tutor/R_inferno.pdf Dave might find it 
> useful for hits R criticism. Perhaps something like this for ADMB might 
> be useful, but it might be too early for that.
> Mark Maunder

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