[ADMB Users] Poisson GLMM example

H. Skaug hskaug at gmail.com
Thu Jun 14 11:53:03 PDT 2012


Adding to Dave's comments:

> In particular, I am confused about the implementation of the actual model in ADMB. As I understand it, you are using the >NORMAL_PRIOR_FUNCTION to impose the condition that the random effects associated with each point are multivariate >normal, with a mean given by the predictor function, and a variance - covariance matrix that is exponentially decaying with the >distance between the variables.


>Should the normal_prior be specified as a correlation matrix or a vcov matrix?

As Dave says, we recommend to scale the correlation matrix inside the
likelihood. IN this
example this happens in " exp(_log_sigma)*ui".

> FUNCTION void evaluate_M(void)
>  get_M(a);
> However, at no-point can I see where the evaluate_M function is actually called..

It is being called implicitely. The manual at this point "4.5 Gaussian
priors and quadratic penalties"
is not good, and should be improved.


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