[ADMB Users] Printing a vector in a row format

Naji Nassar nassar.naji at orange.fr
Thu Mar 8 10:38:08 PST 2012

Thanks Liu



The column_vector command is giving me what I want.

I forgot to say that a third party program (Gauss) is creating the bat
files, and reading back the results files. The start command allows GAUSS to
run other commands even if the ADMB applications hadn’t finished their
estimation.. So I still have to use dos windows and their pop-up..


I still hadn’t succeed getting ADMB dll



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try ofs<< column_vector( yourVector);


On Wed, Mar 7, 2012 at 3:38 AM, Naji Nassar < <mailto:nassar.naji at orange.fr>
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Hi all



I’m looking for an elegant way in ADMB to print a vector in a column format,
just to avoid loop


    ofstream ofs("llik1.txt");

     for (t=1;t<=nobs;t+=1)


        ofs << llik(t) << endl;




ADMB DLL with MSVC.. I still don’t find a solution.. Any help is highly




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