[ADMB Users] survey of memory settings in ADMB

Ian Taylor ian.taylor at noaa.gov
Thu Mar 22 13:49:15 PDT 2012

Hi ADMB Users,
The default memory settings in ADMB are out of date and I've been tasked
with coming up with replacements that will work for reasonable sized models
(big models will still require manual settings). It occurs to me that it
makes sense to survey what common requirements of ADMB users might be.

Have you been required to change the memory settings for your model using
either commands like the following in the TOP_OF_MAIN_SECTION,


or through command line arguments like -ams, -gbs, -cbs, or -mno?

If so, and if you've put thought into the choices (rather than blindly
picking values), could you send me your settings in a reply to this email?

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