[ADMB Users] is it possible do with admb?

Andrea Pigato pigato.andrea at gmail.com
Wed May 2 03:00:35 PDT 2012

Dear Sirs,
I'm an Italian student of the Faculty of Statistics of Padua. I'm writing
the final thesis for my master. The thesis is about optimization and I am
working on it at a company. Our purpose is to maximize a Performance Index
(PI) relative to a function. This function has a rather complicated
structure (within the main function other functions are called that call
other functions...). Now we are optimizing the PI running a Design of
Experiment (DOE), but this solution it's slow and requires large computing
resources because we have to analyze all possible combination of DOE.
We would like to know if there is a possible solution to speed up our
optimization problem with your software like send to admb a smaller DOE and
find anyway the best PI.
We would like to know also if your software can talk with MatLab which is
development environment in use at the company.

Best regards

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