[ADMB Users] Environment Variables problem?

T Treska ttreska at gmail.com
Tue Apr 2 13:03:19 PDT 2013

Not sure why, but a lot of folks come to me when they have issues getting 
ADMB to run correctly on their machines (often federal machines)..  For the 
most part, I have had good luck getting them going, thanks in part to this 
forum (and Arni), but alas I am stumped and hoping that someone help me out 
with an issue I am having with a colleague's machine.  
After looking at his environment variables and comparing them to the one on 
my machine, I have found that they are exactly the same, problem is, my 
machine will run a model just fine, his can't even display the ADMB toolbar.

The following are the paths that are being used on our machines, and I 
checked to see that all of the paths that are used actually go to an actual 
folder.  Also, checked to make sure that the tpl2cpp.exe. g++.exe and other 
such files were where they were supposed to be.
Can anyone point me in a direction to investigate?  Really wondering if 
there is a simple step by step set of tasks that would indicate where the 
process is breaking down.
Thanks in advance


HOME                 c:/~ 

ADMB_HOME      c:/admb/admb101-gcc452-win64
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