[ADMB Users] compiling a TPL file in a different directory?

Ben Bolker bbolker at gmail.com
Wed Feb 6 06:35:20 PST 2013

  I guess this just doesn't work, but it surprised me a little bit.

Suppose I am in one directory and I want to compile a TPL file that
lives in a different directory.  I can image three possible reasonably
sensible outcomes:

 * an error telling me I can't do that
 * the executable gets built and deposited in my current directory
 * the executable gets built and deposited in the same directory as the
TPL file.

  Instead, what appears to happen is that I get a reassuring message but
no executable is built ...

  Any thoughts?

  Ben Bolker


admb -r ../ADMB/ora

Successfully built executable.

 [but no executable appears anywhere]

cd ../ADMB
admb -r ora

removed `ora.cpp'
removed `ora.htp'
removed `ora.o'
removed `ora'

*** tpl2rem ora

*** adcomp -r ora.cpp
g++ -c -O3 -Wno-deprecated -D__GNUDOS__ -Dlinux -DOPT_LIB -DUSE_LAPLACE
-fpermissive -I. -I"/usr/local/admb"/include -I"/usr/local/admb"/contrib

*** adlink -r ora
g++ -s -L"/usr/local/admb"/lib -L"/usr/local/admb"/contrib ora.o
-ldf1b2o -ladmod -lcontribo -ladt -lado -ldf1b2o -ladmod -ladt -lado
-lcontribo -o ora

Successfully built executable.


This is with:

ADMB-11.0 optimized libraries compiled with Gnu C++ 4.4.3(32bit)
Build date: Sep  9 2012
Revision: 605

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