[ADMB Users] Compile Error

Armando Mastracci mastracci at gmail.com
Sun Feb 10 21:59:44 PST 2013

Brand new to admb.  I've just spent the last 4 hours trying to get past this error.  No luck...

I'm running into compile errors at parts of my code where I assign a parameter to a local variable.  "error: cannot convert ‘prevariable’ to ‘double’ in assignment"

I've tried using value(param) without luck.

My parameters have upper and lower bounds.  Here is an excerpt:

  number adjusted_pmax

  init_bounded_number pmax(150,700)
  init_bounded_number pmax_drift(-.2,.2)

and here is the assignment that is causing the error:

//calculate adjusted pmax

    adjusted_pmax = pmax *(1+pmax_drift*(aerobic_capacity - aerobic_bal+1)/(aerobic_capacity));

Am I missing something or is there something else wrong. I'm getting the same error both on MacOSX and Linux so likely not something to do with my environment.


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