[ADMB Users] directory where *.par, *.cor, *std etc are created in Linux or Mac, when executable is located other than current directory

yukio_takeuchi at icloud.com yukio_takeuchi at icloud.com
Sat Feb 16 22:05:52 PST 2013


When I do multiple calculations with different dat file but with same 
executable compiled with ADNB, I usually set up directories with 
different dat file and put an executable on one more upper level in ms-
windows. e.g.

The I ususally use batch file like

cd c:\simrun
cd sim1

cd ..\sim2

cd ..\sim3

This allows me to avoid overwriting of output files (*.par,*.cor etc).

When I tried similar approach in Linux as well as mac, using relative 
path or absolute path of executable different from the current 
directory, I found that output files (*.par, *.cor, *.std etc) produced 
from executable were put on the same directory of the executable. 

Is this intended behavior under Linux or mac?

Yukio Takeuchi     

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