[ADMB Users] directory where *.par, *.cor, *std etc are created in Linux or Mac, when executable is located other than current directory

Larry Jacobson (NOAA Federal) larry.jacobson at noaa.gov
Mon Feb 25 06:24:32 PST 2013

1) I am surprised that the ADMB group hasn't fixed the problem with 
output files showing up in two places when the executable in linux is 
not in the working directory.

2) In the meantime, I asked a friend in our IT department to explain 
Dave's suggestion re getting all of the ADMB output files into the 
working directory while working in linux.

3) On my linux account, there is a directory called ss364 that holds the 
single ADMB executable which is named ss3.  From the directory you want 
to work in, type:
>               ln -s ~ljacobso/ss364/ss3 ss3
Here, the first argument is the location of the executable and ss3 is 
the executable's name.  Now, you can run the program from any working 
directory by typing:
>              ss3
All of the output files should show up in the working directory.  This 
link will persist and you should not have to do it again for this 
working directory.  However, you will have to do it each time you create 
a new working directory.

4) You will probably still see the ss3 executable when you use the ls 
command to see file names.  However, it is not in the working directory 
(only linked).  Use ls -l to see that it is only a link:
> ls -l ss3
> lrwxrwxrwx 1 ljacobso users 29 Feb 25 09:19 ss3 -> 
> /home6/pdy/ljacobso/ss364/ss3


On 2/17/2013 1:43 PM, dave fournier wrote:
> A work around would be to make a symbolic link in sub1 to sim
>    cd sub1
>   ln -s ../sim sim
> now you can use
>     ./sim
> in  the direcrtory sub1 to run the model
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