[ADMB Users] Problems with -gh

Jeff Laake jefflaake at gmail.com
Wed Feb 27 21:20:56 PST 2013

In the -gh (Gauss-Hermite integration) for block diagonal random effects
model my program crashes when going from -gh 6 to -gh 8.

Has anyone encountered similar problems? It works fine with -gh 6 (possibly
also -gh 7) but when I use -gh 8, gradfil1.tmp grows and then I get the
message below.  Is this an out of memory issue?

The tpl and dat files are at:

> run_admb("dmcjsre",verbose=T,extra.args="-gh 8")
running compiled executable with args: '  -gh 8 '...
Run output:

Error reading stack identifer for aaaa
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