[ADMB Users] Reading More than 1 Data File with ADMB-IDE

Newman, Ken ken_newman at fws.gov
Tue Jul 9 10:03:41 PDT 2013

My apologies if the following is a FAQ (I did search the FAQ and threads of
previous postings but maybe not hitting upon the right key words):

How does one read into ADMB-IDE data that are coming from two different

For example, suppose my tpl file is Simple.tpl, and there are 2 data files,
Simple1.dat and Simple2.dat.  How do both data files get "loaded"?  Is
there some "switch" or "command" within DATA_SECTION?

For what it's worth, I'm fitting a state space model and it would be
"tidier" to have the covariates associated with the State Process model
separate from the response variables in the Observation model portion.


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