[ADMB Users] Reading More than 1 Data File with ADMB-IDE

John Sibert sibert at hawaii.edu
Wed Jul 17 13:14:56 PDT 2013

This apparently not a burning issue. No one seems to care enough to make 
a simple change in a message. It is not that difficult. The developer 
workshops have offered assistance in in modifying code. There are 
probably how-to on the project web site.

Why have we gone to all the bother to create an open source project, if 
no one takes the time to make even the most trivial of changes to the code.

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On 07/09/2013 11:06 AM, Ian Taylor - NOAA Federal wrote:
> This isn't something related to the ADMB-IDE specifically, but ADMB in 
> general. Splitting up your data into separate files is a great way to 
> make things tider.
> Try using this line to change data files:
> ad_comm::change_datafile_name("Simple2.dat");
> A related question for the group: does anybody know how to turn off 
> the warning "Error trying to open data input file *.dat" in cases 
> where you choose not to use the default data file name at all?
> -Ian
> On Tue, Jul 9, 2013 at 10:03 AM, Newman, Ken <ken_newman at fws.gov 
> <mailto:ken_newman at fws.gov>> wrote:
>     My apologies if the following is a FAQ (I did search the FAQ and
>     threads of previous postings but maybe not hitting upon the right
>     key words):
>     How does one read into ADMB-IDE data that are coming from two
>     different files?
>     For example, suppose my tpl file is Simple.tpl, and there are 2
>     data files, Simple1.dat and Simple2.dat.  How do both data files
>     get "loaded"?  Is there some "switch" or "command" within
>     For what it's worth, I'm fitting a state space model and it would
>     be "tidier" to have the covariates associated with the State
>     Process model separate from the response variables in the
>     Observation model portion.
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