[ADMB Users] ADMB meeting in Reykjavik - Doodle Poll

Laurie Kell laurie.kell at iccat.int
Fri Jun 14 00:43:34 PDT 2013

Well I would have forwarded it to Finlay if he hadnt deserted Lowestoft
for Italy!

On 14/06/13 09:41, Laurie Kell wrote:
> I think this a really important meeting and I would have loved to
> attend. Unfortunately it clashes with our main Scientific meeting at ICCAT.
> I am forwarding this email to Finlay as he has started developing a
> tools based on Rcpp to help integrate ADMB and R.
> Laurie
> On 13/06/13 23:08, Arni Magnusson wrote:
>> Dear friends,
>> The upcoming ADMB Developers' workshop in Reykjavik in September was 
>> discussed a bit at the ADMB Foundation board meeting last week. There are 
>> two other relevant conferences taking place in Reykjavik in the same 
>> month:
>>    12-14 Sep (Thu-Sat), LGM conference in Reykjavik
>>    https://sites.google.com/site/lgm2013ice/
>>    23-27 Sep (Mon-Fri), ICES conference in Reykjavik
>>    http://ices.dk/news-and-events/asc/ASC-2013/Pages/default.aspx
>> Initially, we (Anders, Arni, Hans) scheduled the ADMB meeting 8-11 
>> September, just prior to the LGM conference. Now that our LGM abstract has 
>> been rejected, our focus is shifting to the ICES conference.
>> It seems likely that some ADMB-oriented people might attend the ICES 
>> conference. To make it practical to visit Iceland and attend both the ADMB 
>> and ICES events, we could shift the ADMB meeting to be just before or 
>> after the ICES meeting.
>> ---
>> Therefore, I have set up a Doodle Poll:
>>    http://doodle.com/dx5et3fe4dfp2d48
>> Please mark the days that you would _prefer_. If there are days you 
>> _cannot_ make it, please email me so I can take that into account. Ignore 
>> this poll if you don't plan to attend. Feel free to forward this email to 
>> others.
>> At the end of the poll, we are looking for a 4-day slot for the ADMB 
>> meeting.
>> The range between 17 Sep and 1 Oct would be practical for anyone planning 
>> to attend both the ADMB and ICES events. If I'm the only one attending 
>> both, there may be no practical reason to shift the ADMB meeting.
>> Let's finish this poll before Wednesday (19 June) and make a decision.
>> Looking forward to welcoming you to Iceland this autumn,
>> Arni
>> P.S. If you urgently need a reason to attend the ICES conference, I can 
>> add you as a coauthor on a simple paper that's been accepted in Session Q 
>> on Bayesian methods. Your contribution would be in the introduction and 
>> discussion sections. This might help convince your employer about the need 
>> to travel to Reykjavik this autumn.

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