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Laurie Kell laurie.kell at iccat.int
Fri Jun 14 13:01:37 PDT 2013

multi-threading is something that I would like to be involved in, and I know of others who would be keen to collaborate.


On 14/06/13 16:33, dave fournier wrote:
> On 13-06-14 01:40 AM, Mark Payne wrote:
> I wish that all the players could be encouraged to discuss future 
> directions  BEFORE the actual meeting.
> I think that is what the mail lists are for.  There is not enough time 
> at a meeting to initiate a discussion on
> any substantive issue and develop it to a useful level.
> For example at the recent meeting Sibert and I presented some results on 
> multi-threading which indicate
> that it can be useful enough for ADMB programs to justify serious 
> development efforts.  Getting this together
> required about 3 months of programming/discussion to prepare for the 
> meeting.
> With regard to multi-threading, this looks interesting.
> http://www.tomshardware.com/news/Intel-Xeon-Phi-Coprocessor-CPU,22700.html
>        Dave
>> Have you considered having a users session on the side of the ASC - after all, there will be many of the ICES users there.... Wednesday afternoon is usually free for that sort of thing. And it might be nice for some of us non-developers to chat with you, hear future directions, and give feedback....
>> Mark
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>> Emne: [ADMB Users] ADMB meeting in Reykjavik - Doodle Poll
>> Dear friends,
>> The upcoming ADMB Developers' workshop in Reykjavik in September was
>> discussed a bit at the ADMB Foundation board meeting last week. There are
>> two other relevant conferences taking place in Reykjavik in the same
>> month:
>>     12-14 Sep (Thu-Sat), LGM conference in Reykjavik
>>     https://sites.google.com/site/lgm2013ice/
>>     23-27 Sep (Mon-Fri), ICES conference in Reykjavik
>>     http://ices.dk/news-and-events/asc/ASC-2013/Pages/default.aspx
>> Initially, we (Anders, Arni, Hans) scheduled the ADMB meeting 8-11
>> September, just prior to the LGM conference. Now that our LGM abstract has
>> been rejected, our focus is shifting to the ICES conference.
>> It seems likely that some ADMB-oriented people might attend the ICES
>> conference. To make it practical to visit Iceland and attend both the ADMB
>> and ICES events, we could shift the ADMB meeting to be just before or
>> after the ICES meeting.
>> ---
>> Therefore, I have set up a Doodle Poll:
>>     http://doodle.com/dx5et3fe4dfp2d48
>> Please mark the days that you would _prefer_. If there are days you
>> _cannot_ make it, please email me so I can take that into account. Ignore
>> this poll if you don't plan to attend. Feel free to forward this email to
>> others.
>> At the end of the poll, we are looking for a 4-day slot for the ADMB
>> meeting.
>> The range between 17 Sep and 1 Oct would be practical for anyone planning
>> to attend both the ADMB and ICES events. If I'm the only one attending
>> both, there may be no practical reason to shift the ADMB meeting.
>> Let's finish this poll before Wednesday (19 June) and make a decision.
>> Looking forward to welcoming you to Iceland this autumn,
>> Arni
>> P.S. If you urgently need a reason to attend the ICES conference, I can
>> add you as a coauthor on a simple paper that's been accepted in Session Q
>> on Bayesian methods. Your contribution would be in the introduction and
>> discussion sections. This might help convince your employer about the need
>> to travel to Reykjavik this autumn.
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