[ADMB Users] Invoking library qfclib.h

Rice, Cliff G (DFW) Clifford.Rice at dfw.wa.gov
Thu May 16 13:43:14 PDT 2013

I'm trying to use the rounding function described in qfc_sim.cpp<http://admb-project.org/svn/trunk/contrib/qfclib/qfc_sim.cpp>. (http://admb-project.org/svn/trunk/contrib/qfclib/qfc_sim.cpp)
I have tried the test file<http://admb-project.org/svn/trunk/contrib/qfclib/tests/testfunction.tpl>. (http://admb-project.org/svn/trunk/contrib/qfclib/tests/testfunction.tpl)
This file includes the command
#include "qfclib.h" in the GLOBALS_SECTION

However, when compiling, I receive the errors:
error: too many arguments to function 'double round(double)' evidently for round(rgamma(2.5,2.5,rnd),3) [line 22]
error: cannot convert 'dvector' to 'double' for argument '1' to 'double round(double)' for round(rdirichlet(p,rnd),2) [line 23]
among others.

These errors are exactly those produced if the include statement is absent.

Judging from statements in qfc_sim.cpp:
  *  5. round your matrix, vector, sclar to some specific decimals for display
  *     in report_section, such as round(dmatrix,4), see round()  \n

Evidently I'm missing something.
Cliff Rice

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