[ADMB Users] Very short test code attached for colfill problem I'm having

Brandon Chasco brandonc at nezperce.org
Tue May 28 13:48:02 PDT 2013

I'm using ADMB 10.1 for windows 64-bit.  I'm also using Arni's IDE.  You
don't need a dat file, I'm just trying to see if this compiles on someone
else's machine when you uncomment the random effects part.  It compiles just
fine with admb testTPL but not admb -r testTPL.  I can't find anywhere in
the fvar or df1d2. header files why this would be the case.  This isn't a
critical problem, it would just make my code look a little nicer.


Thanks in advance,





  init_matrix dat(1,3,1,2);



  init_number x;

  matrix Mat1(1,3,1,2);


  //Just uncomment this and try compiling 

  //with -r flag

  //random_effects_vector rx(1,2);

  objective_function_value ff;



               ff = 0;


  Mat1.colfill(1,column(dat,1));  //fill Mat1 column 1 with dat column 1

  //ff =  norm2(rx);

  ff += -1*square(x);







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