[ADMB Users] Please test updated installation documentation - Bug still not fixed

Jon Schnute schnutej-dfo at shaw.ca
Wed Nov 20 19:18:44 PST 2013

Thanks, Ian. It's great to have multiple checks. Unfortunately, I can't
replicate your results. The attempt to build ADMB failed for me.


I used your link to obtain admb-r1353-src.zip, then I followed the detailed
instructions at:




In particular, I installed mingw with "get-mingw.bat". When I attempted to
build ADMB, the process worked for a while, but then crashed with these
final steps:


****************** Start of final output

*** adcomp     ad2csv

g++ -c   -O3 -D__GNUDOS__  -Dlinux -DSAFE_ALL -DUSE_LAPLACE -fpermissive -I.

C:\admb\build\dist\include" -I"C:\admb\build\dist\contrib\include" -o



*** adcomp     main

g++ -c   -O3 -D__GNUDOS__  -Dlinux -DSAFE_ALL -DUSE_LAPLACE -fpermissive -I.

C:\admb\build\dist\include" -I"C:\admb\build\dist\contrib\include" -o
main.obj m



*** adlink      ad2csv.obj main.obj

g++ -static   -s  -static  -o ad2csv.exe  ad2csv.obj main.obj

t\contrib\lib\libcontrib.a" "C:\admb\build\dist\lib\libadmb.a"

C:\admb\build\dist\contrib\lib\libcontrib.a: could not read symbols: Archive

no index; run ranlib to add one

collect2.exe: error: ld returned 1 exit status


Error: Unable to build executable.

make[3]: *** [all] Error 1

make[3]: Leaving directory `C:/admb/contrib/ad2csv'

make[2]: *** [build-ad2csv] Error 2

make[2]: Leaving directory `C:/admb/contrib'

make[1]: *** [all] Error 2

make[1]: Leaving directory `C:/admb/src'

make: *** [g++-all] Error 2

****************** End of final output


I'm not sure that I'm reading this correctly, but it appears to me that a
contributed library (ad2csv) has a bug. Odd that this worked for you but not
for me.


Thanks to everyone for your persistence with all this.




From: Ian Taylor - NOAA Federal [mailto:ian.taylor at noaa.gov] 
Sent: November-20-13 4:36 PM
To: Johnoel Ancheta
Cc: Jon Schnute; ADMB Users
Subject: Re: Please test updated installation documentation - Bug still not


Hi Johnoel and Jon,

Everything worked fine building with the r1353 files using both an existing
MinGW and also downloaded using get-mingw.bat (which takes a while, but
worked fine).


I like the "quick start" instructions better than the plain text file and it
seems easier to maintain than the instructions on Plone (which should
presumably be removed soon).


I did note that the link at the top of the MinGW to the Visual C++
instructions (which I didn't try) fails due to case sensitivity. The first
fails and the second works:







On Wed, Nov 20, 2013 at 10:43 AM, Johnoel Ancheta <johnoel at hawaii.edu>

That was fixed use








svn update


Please provide feedback.



On Wed, Nov 20, 2013 at 8:40 AM, Ian Taylor - NOAA Federal
<ian.taylor at noaa.gov> wrote:

Hi Jon,

I got the identical error running using the same files but with my existing
MinGW installation in place.



On Tue, Nov 19, 2013 at 2:59 PM, Jon Schnute <schnutej-dfo at shaw.ca> wrote:

Thanks, Johnoel (and also Ian). I got the latest version of ADMB from your
link at




Then I carefully followed your latest instructions  at




where I even used your specified path C:\admb. Unfortunately, "make" stills
fails with the final commands shown below:


******* Final commands

g++ -c -O3 -Wall -DSAFE_ALL -D__GNUDOS__ -Dlinux -D__SPDLL__ -DUSE_LAPLACE

build\dist\include -o..\build\objects\dist\saflp-linad99-xgradclc.obj


g++ -c -O3 -Wall -DOPT_LIB -D__GNUDOS__ -Dlinux -D__SPDLL__ -DUSE_LAPLACE

uild\dist\include -o..\build\objects\dist\optlp-nh99-adsleep.obj


g++ -c -O3 -Wall -DOPT_LIB -D__GNUDOS__ -Dlinux -D__SPDLL__ -DUSE_LAPLACE

uild\dist\include -o..\build\objects\dist\optlp-nh99-amoeba.obj

g++ -c -O3 -Wall -DOPT_LIB -D__GNUDOS__ -Dlinux -D__SPDLL__ -DUSE_LAPLACE

uild\dist\include -DADMB_VERSION=11.1 -DADMB_REVISION=Unversioned directory

\build\objects\dist\optlp-nh99-banner.obj nh99\banner.cpp

g++: error: directory: No such file or directory

make[1]: *** [..\build\objects\dist\optlp-nh99-banner.obj] Error 1

make[1]: Leaving directory `C:/admb/src'

make: *** [g++-all] Error 2

******* End final commands


This time the procedure got one step beyond amoeba.cpp, but failed at
banner.cpp. I checked to verify that "banner.cpp" actually exists in the
directory C:\admb\src\nh99; it does. I can't understand how dozens (or
hundreds?) of commands can work fine, but then fail at this particular step.


Ian, thanks for your offer to run tests. If you have a chance, I'd very much
like to know if you get this same error when you follow the same steps that
I did.


Best wishes,





From: users-bounces at admb-project.org [mailto:users-bounces at admb-project.org]
On Behalf Of Johnoel Ancheta
Sent: November-18-13 5:13 PM
To: ADMB Users
Subject: Re: [ADMB Users] Please test updated installation documentation.


Thank you all for testing and providing feedback.  I was able to duplicate
and resolve the issue.

The problem was user system PATH having sh.exe or bash.exe in it.  This
caused the build files 

to use Unix commands like cp or rm instead of copy or del for Windows.  The
fixes have been 

committed to version control.  Please update your copy and test the
procedures in




As always, thank you for providing feedback.





On Sat, Nov 16, 2013 at 1:15 AM, Johnoel Ancheta <johnoel at hawaii.edu> wrote:

Hi all,


I've updated the ADMB build and installation documentation.  Please

try them out and provide feedback.










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