[ADMB Users] very small error in make help

Olivier Titaud olivier.titaud at cls.fr
Wed Sep 25 06:14:49 PDT 2013

Dear admb developers,

Concerning the latest version that I got from svn

I found a very small error in the Makefile help:

make help
For Clang C++ compiler, make clang++
For GNU C++ compiler, make g++
For Solaris Studio C++ compiler, make icpc
For Intel C++ compiler, make CC
For ADMB C++ compiler, make openCC

As you can see, CC and icpc options are inverted in the above lines .
But as expected
* CC corresponds to Solaris Studio C++ compiler
* icpc corresponds to Intel C++ compiler

Many thanks for your great job

Best regards

Olivier Titaud

Olivier Titaud
Groupe EOLEN / Collecte Localisation Satellite - CLS
Département Ecosystèmes Marins
Division océanographie spatiale
8-10 rue Hermès
31520 Ramonville St Agne - FRANCE
Tél.+33 (0)

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