[ADMB Users] Failed ADMB install on OS X 10.9.2

Michael Parker parker at uw.edu
Wed Apr 23 10:39:28 PDT 2014

Hoping someone can point in the correct direction.

Good news is that I can duplicate the errors I'm getting when trying to
install ADMB on OS X 10.9.2. I've attempted this install on two Macs
running the same OS/software with the same results.

Bad news is that I'm getting errors and a program that doesn't want to work.

I'm trying to install ADMB 11.1 (64-bit) on an OS X 10.9.2 box running
xcode 5.1.1 and the April 2014 command line toolkit.

I get 2 make errors:

2 errors generated.

make[2]: *** [../../build/objects/dist/saflp-linad99-ufstream.obj] Error 1

make[1]: *** [admbsaf] Error 2

make: *** [c++-all] Error 2

And can not compile and run the simple test commands afterwards. I attempt
to run this:

sudo ~/admb/admb simple.tpl

and get this error:

clang: error: no such file or directory:

Error: Could not build simple
And sure enough, the /lib directory is empty - which would explain the

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Michael Parker                       E-MAIL: parker at uw.edu
206-616-0854                         FAX:  206-616-8689
Director of Computing, Aquatic & Fishery Sciences
University of Washington, Box 355020, Seattle, WA 98195
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