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CHRIS GRANDIN cgrandin at shaw.ca
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Thanks for your comments Allan,

I wrote these install instructions (http://www.admb-project.org/documentation/install/admb-installation-visual-c) for ADMB 11.1 with VS 2010, SDK 7.1, and .NET 4. Since then there are new versions of all of these and it seems that the information is out of date. I wish I had the time necessary to keep updating these instructions but I just don't. I am actually unsure how many people used them and found them useful. At this point I would have to vote to remove support for VS and only support 64-bit mingw. If we did that, we could focus on making one compiler work well with ADMB and write a single set of detailed install instructions.


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Thanks Johnoel (and developers), 

I've been working with Visual C++ and I feel that the installation instructions could use some improvement. I am willing to work on that, but I have a couple of questions that should probably be answered before that: 

1) Should ADMB continue to support the Visual C++ compiler? The reason I ask is that Microsoft requires you to create a Visual Studio account to download the free version, the SDK does not contain the compiler anymore, and there the mingw compiler seems to be working pretty well with an easy install. 

2) Is there a 64-bit version of ADMB for the Visual C++ compiler that the project will release? There does not seem to be one on the pre-release site. I would probably switch to mingw if a Visual C++ 64-bit version is not available, even though Windows does not actually support the 64-bit variables with the declarations that ADMB uses. 

If the ADMB-project feels that supporting the Visual C++ compiler is still worthwhile, I will test the install and supply more comments. Otherwise, I'll work on testing the mingw compiler. 


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Hi all, 

I need to get some feedback. Can someone test out the 


If there is no issues, the admb-11.2 will release next week. 

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