[ADMB Users] help with admb ide

Arni Magnusson arnima at hafro.is
Wed Feb 19 00:32:49 PST 2014

ADMB-IDE (the combination of ADMB, GCC, GDB, and with Emacs admb-mode) can 
be used on any operating system, but Windows is the only operating system 
where it is tightly bound together in an automated installer.

When we release ADMB in standard package formats for Linux (Debian, 
Gentoo, RPM) and Mac, it will be straightforward to release ADMB-IDE 
installers for Linux and Mac, since the other components (GCC, GDB, Emacs) 
are already in standard package formats. This is how almost all IDE 
software is installed on Linux and Mac.

Until then, it takes some effort and skills to set up ADMB-IDE on Linux 
and Mac. Only brief hints are provided on page 4 of the ADMB-IDE manual. I 
have just created empty pages


where people can share tips on how they set up ADMB-IDE on those 


> On 02/14/2014 05:53 AM, Kaycee Coleman wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I followed the step by step on
>> http://www.admb-project.org/buildbot/documentation/QuickStartUnix.html
>> to download admb onto my mac, but I was wondering if there was a 
>> similar step by step to follow to get IDE to work on my mac? I found 
>> this link
>> http://www.admb-project.org/tools/admb-ide
>> but when I was looking at the GCC part, all the downloads appeared to 
>> be for windows.
>> Thank you for any help you can offer!
>> Kaycee

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