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John Sibert sibert at hawaii.edu
Mon Mar 31 14:10:50 PDT 2014

This seems like a really good idea to me. It is a much better way to 
implement a step function or threshold functional relation than trying 
to fart around with various types of sigmoid approximations that may be 
hard to estimated.

John Sibert
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On 03/30/2014 08:06 AM, dave fournier wrote:
> I'm not sure exaclty what is wanted, but it does suggest  that one may 
> want something like the following function
> which I suppose could get added to ADMB in some form.
> It should be
>                        a if x<=c-e
>            f(x) =
>                        b if x>=c+e
>            f'(x-e)=0
>            f'(x+e)=0
>          f is nice for c-e<x<c+e
> this can be done with a cubic spline.   A nice way is to
> declare a class to hold the necessary information and a function 
> object or functor
> to evaluate the function .  It could be extended to deal with more 
> general boundary
> conditions
>           f'(x-e)=u
>           f'(x+e)=v
> with a bit of care.
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