[ADMB Users] Emacs ADMB mode 11.2

Arni Magnusson arnima at hafro.is
Tue Jan 13 14:14:42 PST 2015

Emacs users (Linux, Mac, Windows, other) can now download ADMB mode 11.2 


It is designed for the ADMB 11.2 model compilation options, so -f is now a 
recognized flag, while the old -s flag is silently ignored. The default 
keybinding to toggle flags is C-c C-- as before.

In ADMB 11.2, models with random effects can be built directly (C-c C-c) 
without specifying the -r flag, so the -r flag is only required when 
translating, compiling, and linking in separate steps.

A useful feature introduced a few versions ago is a command to quit a 
running ADMB process (bound to C-c C-q by default). This way, a 
problematic compilation or model run can be stopped without closing the 

The main help page (C-h C-m) lists all the keybindings, perfect for 
printing on that coffee mug...


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