Scientific and Statistical Database Management Conference

This international conference brings together scientific domain experts, databases researchers, practitioners and developers for the presentation and exchange of current research on concepts, tools and techniques for scientific and statistical database applications. SSDBM provides a forum for original research contributions and practical system design, implementation and evaluation. Individual themes differ year to year with the main focus remaining on databases theory and application in the scientific and statistical fields. Path themes have included bioinformatics (genomics, biodiversity informatics including biological databases), geospatial and sensor databases, geological databases, data mining, metadata management, conceptual models, data integration and visualization and system architectures. The priority areas are supplemented with invited talks and panel sessions and illustrated with demonstrations of research prototypes and industrial systems. The conference takes place in a single plenary session to facilitate the viewing of all presentations by all attendees. The conference is hosted by institutions alternaternating every other year between North America and abroad.

SSDBM 2016:

Budapest, Hungary 18-20 July 2016

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