[Developers] Hardwired -bounds in tpl2cpp/rem

Arni Magnusson arnima at hafro.is
Sun May 10 16:28:43 PDT 2009

Hi everyone, I'm still working on the improved set of user scripts.

The tpl2cpp and tplrem programs have a command line option -bounds, to 
check array bounds by inserting small blocks of code involving 
ad_boundf(int i).

The current versions of tpl2cpp and tpl2rem are hardwired to act as if 
-bounds had been passed, i.e. the ad_boundf blocks are always included, 
and the command line option -bounds is silently ignored.

allmod99 [line 35]: int bound_flag=1;
   We could use int bound_flag=0 here

remod11 [line 4288]: //if ( (on=option_match(argc,argv,"-bounds"))>-1)
   We could uncomment this line

Is this hardwired behavior intended? Should the safe-mode user scripts no 
longer use the -bounds flag, since it has no real effect? In that case, 
the remnants of this option should probably be removed from allmod99 and 



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