[Developers] ADMB-IDE and new compilation scripts

Arni Magnusson arnima at hafro.is
Mon May 25 07:08:48 PDT 2009

Hans has sent me the first feedback on ADMB-IDE. I'm CCing all developers 
at this point, but will create a special ADMB-IDE discussion page soon.

On Mon, 25 May 2009, Hans Julius Skaug wrote:

> On the setup of my university I have to log in as "install" in order to 
> be allowed to write on C:\ . Then things do not work when I run emacs 
> under my ordinary user (se below), but everyting is fine under install. 
> I do not know how common this setup is, however.

Section 4.2, troubleshooting (last item). Like with all ADMB releases, the 
ADMB_HOME and PATH environment variables need to be set. The ADMB-IDE 
installer takes care of this for the installing user, but other users need 
to set these variables for themselves.

> My own preference would be:
> - put everyting in a common folder
> - let the user choose this folder.

Section 1.2: Users that are not happy with the default directory structure 
can download 'admb-ide-345-1.zip' and then set up and configure individual 
components by hand. I imagine many ADMB users will prefer the zip file, as 
I'm not a fan of installers myself.

> - have an uninstall option on the start menu that removes everyting.

Okay, I'll wait for more votes on that. Personally, I use the start menu 
to start things, and control panel -> add/remove to uninstall.

> Is there any manual configuration that I overlooked (a readme.txt for 
> instance)?

The manual should explain everything. I will revise it continuously and 
put the latest revision date on the front page. The rest of ADMB-IDE will 
have a much lower revision rate.


Your feedback is particularly useful, as an advanced user with special 
setup requirements. Please tell me how it goes once you have set the 
environment variables.


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