[Developers] phase

dave fournier otter at otter-rsch.com
Sun Aug 8 23:37:18 PDT 2010

There are a few issues involved here.

First here is how it migbht be done.  the current phase is contained
as a static member of the class initial_params. Lets say we are working
with the quasi newton function minimizer in the file newfmin.cpp.

first we need to add

#include <admodel.h>

near the top of the file.

then at the right place(s) add something like

     if (ad_printf) (*ad_printf)("Current Phase %d   ",
         initial_params::current_phase );

However this will break all code that just uses the autodif stuff
I think as the symbol initial_params::current_phase will be undefined.
Maybe someone has a better idea.

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