[Developers] Plone cleanup

Arni Magnusson arnima at hafro.is
Fri Jun 18 11:59:43 PDT 2010

I'm not sure, John, but I hope I didn't break anything.

What I did was move all API-related things inside the 'Developers' 


The 'Documentation' root should be as simple as possible, and the API 
documentation is mainly in the arena of developers, as an ongoing task. 
But users looking for manuals and references will also find a link inside


that points to the current Doxygen (default) tree on the ADMB Foundation 

The helpful guidelines that you've written about Doxygen are found in 
http://admb-project.org/documentation/developers/api, as well as the 
default.zip and sunsys.zip archives. I have also added a link to the 
current Doxygen tree from there.


On Fri, 18 Jun 2010, John Sibert wrote:

> Hi Arni -
> Nice cleanup job. It looks a lot better.
> However, the text and links to the API documentation have vanished. The API 
> dox are not stored on the plone site. It is awkward to manage a large number 
> of files in Plone; the current draft API dox contains over 500 files. 
> Therefore I posted the admb dox on admb-foundation.org.
> I originally had two versions of the dox: the first in the default doxygen 
> format with customized colors; the  second version in a javadocs style. (I 
> don't like the javadocs style much, but some people prefer it. Also the 
> doxygen modification that creates the javodocs style is not maintained and 
> does not include all of the current features of doxygen). The links are 
> http://admb-foundation.org/documentation/api/default/ and 
> http://admb-foundation.org/documentation/api/sunsys
> Cheers,
> John
> On 06/17/2010 05:07 PM, Arni Magnusson wrote:
>> While squeezing the new 'Libraries' into the 'Community' Plone section 
>> of admb-project.org, I did some spring cleaning.
>> The situation was worst in the 'Documentation' section, where I 
>> eliminated some redundancies and created subdirectories. I hope I 
>> didn't step on anyone's toes, but you may want to check that. I think 
>> some of the links still point to non-existing nodes, but Plone seems to 
>> be pretty smart at finding the intended target in the new location. The 
>> 'images' directory is still duplicated in two locations.
>> As before, there are some instructions in the 'Documentation' section 
>> that could be updated and improved. That should be easier to approach, 
>> now that the flotsam has been compartmentalized.
>> Arni

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