[Developers] Libraries

Steve Martell s.martell at fisheries.ubc.ca
Tue Jul 12 14:47:15 PDT 2011

Hi Johnoel,

I'm about to submit this Libraries Project to the ADMB Foundation with some examples etc.  The rush is that Mark Maunder needs me to invoice this before July 15, 2011.  I'll probably just zip the whole think up and send it off to Mark and Anders as a deliverable.  However, I forsee that I will be continually adding to this library over time and would like to add it to the repository so it can easily be updated and maintained.  

So, I'm calling on your expertise here to help me launch this thing.  Here is what I propose:

1) under the trunk/src to add another directory called "statslib"

2) modify the make files to include the statslib in the build

3) modify the Doxyfile INPUT section to include the statslib directory
  	../../src/statslib so that the API documentation includes the libraries.

4) <optional> add a testLib ADMB program to the verify list

Right now I have a single header file ("statslib.h") for all the libraries and I would leave this out of the build (ie. none of the existing src code makes reference to the "statslib.h".  If a user wishes to use functions from this library then the user would have to explicity #include <statslib.h> in the GLOBALS_SECTION of their template file (This is what we discussed at NCEAS, and I think it was Mark Maunders suggestion).  

Also, I've used doxygen comments throughout the library files so I would presume the buildbot would help manage the API documentation.

I can probably tackle the make files for linux (linux.mak) to do this on my local machine, also create an objects.lst and optg32-rh8-laplace.mak in the statslib directory, but I could not do this for other platforms (at least test it).

How does this all sound?


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