[Developers] Test windows install procedure

Arni Magnusson arnima at hafro.is
Thu Apr 18 18:18:27 PDT 2013

Altogether, setting up a temporary PATH is a small price to pay for 
building ADMB in Windows. That said, here are some further findings and 


The current makefile tree is sensitive to whether sh.exe is in the PATH or 

If sh.exe is in the PATH (there are 3 of them in my default PATH), then 
make.exe follows some Linux-like branch in the makefile tree. To study 
this in detail, see the attached 1.txt (stdout) and 2.txt (stderr) log 
files from make. As you can see in 1.txt, the make process is using 
Linux-like commands such as cp.exe and even ln.exe. As you can see in 
2.txt, it's running into problems with the 'find' command (which works 
differently in Windows) and crashes in the middle of the build because of 
some unsupported command options.

If I change my three sh.exe files to shh.exe, everything builds fine.

In the GNUmakefile branches, there are clauses like "ifeq 
($(SHELL),sh.exe)" whose purpose is to distinguish the platform.


1. We can just recommend using a truncated PATH for building ADMB, as is 
done in the current INSTALL.txt. It is a clear way to explain to advanced 
users what programs are required to build ADMB.

2. We might be able to improve the makefile tree so it does the right 
thing, even if some sh.exe are in the PATH. It would be great if users 
(like me) wouldn't have to modify their path before building ADMB. After 
all, GCC, make, flex, and sed are already in my default PATH, and this is 
true for many ADMB users interested in building it from scratch.

3. We can do both. Keep the truncated recommendation for now, but start 
looking into possible improvements in the makefiles, so ADMB can later be 
built with a full-fledged PATH.

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