[Developers] ADMB meeting in Iceland, 8-11 Sep 2013

Arni Magnusson arnima at hafro.is
Sat Mar 9 15:23:23 PST 2013

Dear ADMB developers and users,

You are cordially invited to participate in this year's ADMB Developers 
Workshop in Reykjavik, Iceland:

   8-11 September 2013 (Sunday-Wednesday)
   Marine Research Institute & University of Iceland

Participants are expected to cover their own travel costs.


Please note that a concurrent ADMB Developers Workshop is planned in 
Seattle. Unlike previous years 
(http://admb-project.org/developers/admb-developers-workshops), the ADMB 
Foundation has decided to hold two separate meetings in 2013, possibly 
linked with a brief web meeting session.

The meeting in Reykjavik is partly about a dedicated outreach of the ADMB 
Foundation towards European users and developers. So if you work in Europe 
and would like to participate in ADMB development, do come over to 
Reykjavik in September.


During the workshop, we will discuss and coordinate the development of 
ADMB, and of course write some code - as well as documentation. These are 
the agenda items that have been decided so far:

   1. Write Doxygen documentation
   2. Compare ADMB to other AD tools, explore possible improvements
   3. R interface to ADMB

Some of us will also:

   4. Present ADMB applications at the 12-14 Sep LGM meeting

Parallel computing is a high-priority focus in ADMB development, which 
will likely be on the agenda at the Seattle meeting, to be circulated 


These annual meetings have introduced some of the main recent improvements 
in ADMB. They also make ADMB development even more fun - I personally 
guarantee we will see some of Iceland's nature and nightlife.

Remember that contributions are not only in the form of hardcore C++ 
programming, but also in the form of documentation and various auxiliary 
tools, both internal and for the end user. ADMB packages 
(http://admb-project.org/svn/trunk/contrib/readme.txt) are another active 
field of ADMB development.

Hope to see you in Reykjavik!


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