[Developers] contrib libraries

John Sibert sibert at hawaii.edu
Fri Mar 29 12:38:27 PDT 2013

tpl2cpp appears to insert #include <contrib.h> into the cpp file whether 
or not you want to use the contrib libraries. In my opinion, it is 
antithetical to "free and open-source" mindset to assume a user wants 
something. And it has side effects. The contrib include and lib files 
live in a separate directory. I seldom use Arni's nice scripts, so 
unless I set up my Makefile correctly, compilation crashes on the 
aforementioned include directive.

Is it too much to ask of a user to use a GLOBALS_SECTION and 
specifically insert #include <contrib.h> when the contrib libraries are 

For the truly lazy, a macro could be devised to take care of it. 
Something like
   #include <contrib.h>

could be inserted in admodel.h


John Sibert
Emeritus Researcher, SOEST
University of Hawaii at Manoa
Honolulu HI (GMT-10)

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