[ADMB Users] ADMB for linux x86_64 and gcc 4.3?

Arni Magnusson arnima at hafro.is
Tue Dec 2 03:57:03 PST 2008

> Unfortunately, a binary for x86_64 and gcc4.x (preferably 4.3) is not 
> available. Is there a chance this will become available with one of 
> the releases in the near future?

As far as I can tell, a binary for x86_64 and gcc4.x is available.

The 9rc2 release 
works for me with gcc 4.1.2 and 4.2.4 on two different machines. It 
might also work with gcc 4.3. There is apparently no reason to take the 
gcc3.4 stamp too literally.

The 9rc3 release, on the other hand, does not work for me. The TPL->CPP 
translation is identical, but g++ crashes with the message "/usr/bin/ld: 
skipping incompatible /home/arnima/admb/lib/libdf1b2stub.a when 
searching for -ldf1b2stub".

The linux64 executables are considerably faster than win32 executables 
on the same computer, so I'm sticking with 9rc2 for now.


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