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dave fournier davef at otter-rsch.com
Wed Dec 10 14:08:58 PST 2008

Schnute, Jon wrote:

Yes you are right. the script should use the ADMB_HOME string to find
the stuff.
these changes seem to work.

@echo off
rem Command line script for ADMB


if ""  NEQ ""%4 (echo syntax: admb [-s] [-re] name) else (
  if "" NEQ ""%3 (tpl2rem %3 > tmp_admb && myccsre %3 && mylinksre %3)
else (
  if ""==""%2 (%ADMB_HOME%\bin\tpl2cpp %1 > tmp_admb &&
%ADMB_HOME%\bin\mycc %1 && %ADMB_HOME%\bin\mylink %1)  else (
    if /i %1==-re (%ADMB_HOME%\bin\tpl2rem %2 > tmp_admb &&
%ADMB_HOME%\bin\myccre %2 && %ADMB_HOME%\bin\mylinkre %2) else (
    if /i %1==-s (%ADMB_HOME%\bin\tpl2cpp -bounds %2 > tmp_admb &&
%ADMB_HOME%\bin\myccs %2 && %ADMB_HOME%\bin\mylinks %2) else (
        echo syntax: admb [-s] [-re] name )))))   

echo on

> Thanks, Dave. That's very helpful. I agree completely with your strategy
> for making installation easy and allowing multiple versions of ADMB to
> run independently on the same computer. Given your reply and that from
> Johnoel this morning, I think I'll adopt your version mentioned on the
> thread:
> http://groups.google.com/group/admb-users/browse_frm/thread/eb9e4e6fc79f
> d398,
> i.e., http://otter-rsch.com/admb-org-rc/setupADMB_gcc432_mingw32.exe
> as the interim Windows version for now, designed to run with gcc 4.2.1
> from Rtools28. I'll also follow the progress of the official Windows
> versions as they appear on http://code.google.com/p/admb-project/. 
> I'm trying to interest a group of users here, and I need something that
> they will adopt readily on their Windows systems. They would very much
> appreciate a similar interim version for the Borland compiler, if that's
> possible.
> I have a small question. Your interim version makes a registry setting
> for ADMB_HOME. Does that setting actually get used by the software at
> any point?
> Thanks again,
> Jon
> PS - In the long run, I can imagine distros of ADMB similar to the
> distros of Linux, designed by various user groups to have distinct
> features of installation and operation. The core would remain the same,
> but the "look and feel" would change.
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> Subject: Re: Open ADMB for Windows with MinGW
> Schnute, Jon wrote:
> I think that if a new user has the ocmpiler correctly installed then
> they should be able to
> simply install the admb software  by running an exe and then change to a
> comman window and say somethihkg like.
>            admb simple
>             simple
> and have everything just work.  this can be done with the inno installer
> so that all the differences between
> compilers are hidden from the user. except for the compiler it should
> not be necessary to add any more software.
> the reason that tpl2cpp or tpl2rem was looking for cat is that is was
> the mingw32 version which  was originally intended
> for cygwin whihc has these tools. the "true" windows version uses   copy
> instead of cat.
> It is really only necessary to have one verion of tpl2cpp and tpl2rem
> for windows and another for Linux
> so that part should be removed from the build of each version and just
> copied into the bin file.  Is is necessary to
> have a copy of sed.exe for whihc I use a mingw version. I have had
> better luck with mingw32 than with cygwin when moving to 64bit XP.
> However it is important to be able to use more than one compiler on the
> same machine.
> first consider how to set up the effortless install  I mentioned above.
> I think the best way is to have the installer define a (global)
> environment string like ADMB_HOME to
> point to the directory where admb is installed. To run the software the
> shell script admb.bat is copied to the
> system directory know as {sys} to the Inno installer.  It can figure out
> where this shold be for different
> version of windows. for example something like c:\winnt\system32.  this
> is already on the users path
> so that it will be found when the user types in  admb  simple
> the user may have to reboot to get the command shell window to "see" the
> new ADMB_HOME,
> but windows users are used to rebooting.
> If the installation detects that the user already has ADMB_HOME defined
> and/or admb.bat in {sys}
> it can use a variant such as a compiler specific name such as 
> ADMB_VC8_HOME  and admb_vc8.bat
> It should of course notify the user that there is already one version of
> ADMB installed and that it is doing the curretn install in this way.
> this works for different compilers so long as the compler shell command
> are different. for example for vc++
> is is cl.exe for borland it is bcc32.exe and for mingw32 it is gcc and
> g++.
> If one needs say two different versions of g++ one can find the bin
> directory conatining it and do a copy
>      copy "g++.exe"  "g++421.exe"
> and use g++421 in the admb_gcc421.bat file.
>      Dave
>> I've spent most of today experimenting with the new release of ADMB
> for
>> Windows with MinGW. I'm pleased to report that it works, but not
> without
>> a few difficulties. The attached report explains exactly what
> happened.
>> In particular, Step 5 resolves the problem with "cat" reported by Tony
>> Booth earlier today.
>> Hopefully, everyone who gets this message will also get the attached
>> file. If you have problems, let me know and I can send it again.
>> Please note that I have two questions for which I'd like answers.
>> Probably you compiler gurus can answer Question 1 instantly. I hope
> the
>> ADMB Project gurus think carefully about my Question 2 because it
> points
>> the way toward contributions that users can make, even at this early
>> stage before the source code can be released.
>> Best wishes,
>> Jon
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