[ADMB Users] Random effects manual updated

Arni Magnusson arnima at hafro.is
Fri Aug 28 06:11:44 PDT 2009

Thank you Hans, for this excellent update. Arranging the examples in 4 
groups (non-separable, block-diagonal Hessian, banded Hessian, generally 
sparse Hessian) is particularly useful for the reader.

To keep the 'examples' directories as clean as possible, I think we can 
now delete all documentation-related files (*.aux, *.bbl, *.html, *.pdf, 
*.tex), and stick to the bare minimum (*.dat, *.pin, *.tpl). The 
*-expected-results.par are essential for the development team, but 
probably unnecessary clutter for users.

Many of the *.tpl comment headers cite books and articles, which is 
commendable. It would also be helpful to point out which section of the 
manual covers that example, for easier browsing. Some examples are not 
related to the manual, but all header comments are useful. This is also 
true for the AUTODIF and plain ADMB examples.

Thanks for recommending ADMB-IDE in the manual. Incidentally, there is a 
small typo in that section, where "graphical user interphase" should be 
"graphical user interface". As a biologist, I have to admit that the image 
of users undergoing massive cell division is quite graphic indeed :)


On Fri, 28 Aug 2009, H. Skaug wrote:

> Hi ADMB-RE users,
> I have updated the user manual based on feedback I have got form users. 
> The main changes are:
> - Example collection is included in the manual
> - Name of compiler skripts and command line arguments are no up to date.
> Regards,
> hans

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