[ADMB Users] installing ADMB on a mac

Kristin Broms bromsk at gmail.com
Tue Jun 2 06:31:47 PDT 2009

Hi -
I'm running Leopard (OS 10.5.4) on a PowerPC Mac (PowerBook G4, from 2004).
I tried installing ADMB with this configuration but got the following error:

cd /Applications/admb/examples/admb/buscycle;makeadm ham4;./ham4
/Applications/admb/bin/makeadm: line 1: /Applications/admb/bin/tpl2cpp: Bad
CPU type in executable

I'm assuming this is because I have a PowerPC processor, but I can't find an
installation package for a PowerPC on the ADMB downloads page, and the Linux
packages don't seem to work either...

Any help you cold offer would be much appreciated!

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