[ADMB Users] ADMB-IDE is available

Shige Song shigesong at gmail.com
Sun May 31 14:32:05 PDT 2009

I have tried both the all-in-one windows installer and the manual setup
files for Linux. The windows installer worked out of box; most of the Linux
installation also worked, except for the last step.

After copying the "admb.el" into my Emacs path, copying the three scrip
files into my system path, and adding stuff in .emacs in my own .emacs, I
was able to translate the .tpl files and build executables; but when I tried
to run the executables, I got error message:

 "Error trying to open data input file /home/shige/bin/admb-9.dat
 Error trying to read in model data
 This is usual caused by a missing DAT file "

The correct data file the executable should be looking for is

Many thanks for this great tool.


On Sun, May 31, 2009 at 2:25 PM, jnancheta <jnancheta at gmail.com> wrote:

> To all ADMB users,
> An integrated development environment for ADMB (ADMB-IDE) is now available<http://www.admb-project.org/downloads>.
> It
> utilizes the Emacs editor with a simplified user interface. Users can set
> everything
> up with an installer (Windows), or configure the components by hand
> (Windows,
> Linux, Mac OS). See the manual for details.
> More information and manuals can be found on ADMB-IDE page<http://admb-project.org/community/editing-tools/admb-ide>
> .
> For some time, users have requested an IDE for ADMB to aid in developing
> models.
> Much thanks to Arni Magnusson for taking charge in developing this most
> requested
> feature.  Please try ADMB-IDE for developing your models.
> If there are questions or issues, please email users at admb-project.org for
> support and
> help.
> Enjoy,
> ADMB Core Team
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