[ADMB Users] Citing ADMB

Mark Payne mpa at aqua.dtu.dk
Thu Oct 22 06:39:18 PDT 2009

Dear ADMBers,
I am just writing up a manuscript based on a model that I have developed
using the ADMB random effects package - this was my first experience of
using ADMB-RE "in anger" and I have to say it was wonderful - a
morning's work resolved a problem that has bugged the herring world for
far too long! :-)
Anyway, the question that I have is, how does one cite ADMB and ADMB-RE?
I remember hearing talk on the list here about writing some papers,
particularly on the random effects module (was it journal of statistical
methods?) Did anything ever cover of that? 
Alternaitvely, is there an "official" "policy" on how ADMB would like to
be cited?
Best wishes,
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