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John Sibert sibert at hawaii.edu
Thu Oct 22 09:25:33 PDT 2009

It is really gratifying to learn that you have had such apparent good 
success with ADMB.

As for citations, Dave and Hans produced a rather useful paper on 
ADMB-RE:  Skaug, H. and D. Fournier. 2006. Automatic approximation of 
the marginal likelihood in non-Gaussian hierarchical models. 
Computational Statistics and Data Analysis 51:699-709.

ADMB can be cited as An introduction to AD MODEL BUILDER Version 9.0.0 
for use in nonlinear modeling and statistics, available from 

I'm not sure the ADMB Project has any "official" policies, let alone one 
on how to cite itself.

Mark Payne wrote:
> Dear ADMBers,
> I am just writing up a manuscript based on a model that I have 
> developed using the ADMB random effects package - this was my first 
> experience of using ADMB-RE "in anger" and I have to say it was 
> wonderful - a morning's work resolved a problem that has bugged the 
> herring world for far too long! :-)
> Anyway, the question that I have is, how does one cite ADMB and 
> ADMB-RE? I remember hearing talk on the list here about writing some 
> papers, particularly on the random effects module (was it journal of 
> statistical methods?) Did anything ever cover of that?
> Alternaitvely, is there an "official" "policy" on how ADMB would like 
> to be cited?
> Best wishes,
> Mark
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