[ADMB Users] Writing functions for object type df1b2

Coilin Minto mintoc at mathstat.dal.ca
Tue Sep 1 05:01:36 PDT 2009

Dear ADMB users,

The ADMB-RE documention details that not all ADMB functions are 
implemented in ADMB-RE yet. I was unable to find documentation for how 
to write my own and would like to ask for a newbie pointer to such 
documentation or if it would be possible to work through an example?

The specific function I would like to use is the cdf for the gamma 
distribution (cumd_gamma in ADMB). When the value (and shape) of X are 
of type df1b2 an error message is returned that cumd_gamma is not yet 

Is it acceptable/possible to write functions for df1b2 types in the 
GLOBALS_SECTION, perhaps by using pre-exisiting functions that work for 
other object types? I see that Prof. Bolker implements a power function 
that returns a df1b2 type vector in


The "pow" function used in the loop in this code is implemented for 
single value df1b2 but what about when this is not yet implemented?
Thank you for any guidance and my apologies if this question is ignorant 
of the basic facets of what goes on under the hood.

Coilin Minto

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