[ADMB Users] Problems using glmm.admb in R

Richard Feldman richard.feldman at mail.mcgill.ca
Mon Aug 16 17:17:11 PDT 2010


I have been attempting to model several datasets in R using glmm.admb 
and have come across the following problem.

The model is:

model<-glmm.admb(Y ~ X1 + X2, random = X1, group = "SITE",

with one of these further specifications:

family = "poisson", zeroInflation = FALSE
family = "poisson", zeroInflation = TRUE
family = "nbinom", zeroInflation = FALSE
family = "nbinom", zeroInflation = TRUE

With the first three specifications, the function maximizer fails (or 
the model fitting has taken so long, I just give up). The modeling works 
fine for the last specification.

I have tried this with several datasets, some zero-inflated and some 
not. I have the same problem every time: only "nbinom" and 
"zeroInflation=TRUE" works.

I am running R 2.10.1 on Windows Vista x32.

Has anyone else encountered this problem?

Thank you,


Richard Feldman, PhD Candidate
Dept. of Biological Sciences, McGill University
W3/5 Stewart Biology Building
1205 Docteur Penfield
Montreal, QC H3A 1B1
richard.feldman at mail.mcgill.ca

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