[ADMB Users] Installing ADMB on Mac OS

dave fournier otter at otter-rsch.com
Wed Aug 18 06:20:25 PDT 2010

   From a confirmed mac hater.

   I don't know why anyone would pay for that mac junk. However
   to support  mac users I installed a $29 os x upgrade disk
    on a real linux computer using virtual box. After 5 minutes
   of cretinous pointing and clicking I got admb  installed. No idea
   where it went (why would you want to know?) Reading on I figured it
    must be in /opt/local ...  yup  admb is in /opt/local/bin

    Open a terminal as God intended and type set  and look check out
    PATH environment string  and yes it is not on the path.  Go to
    /etc  (starting to feel just like a real computer)  No idea but
    /usr/local/bin is on the path so try grepping on /usr/local/bin.

    Lo and behold it is in a file called paths.

     Add  /usr/local/bin to paths. Open a new terminal. Type admb

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