[ADMB Users] new version of R2admb on R-forge

Ben Bolker bolker at ufl.edu
Wed Aug 18 18:14:35 PDT 2010

  For any R users out there trying to get up the learning curve with
ADMB: I've put a new version of "R2admb" on r-forge (hence you should be
able to install from within R via
install.packages("R2admb",repos="http://r-forge.r-project.org") . It's
supposed to handle as much as possible of the work of passing R objects
to AD Model Builder, compiling/linking/running, getting the results back
into R, and analyzing them.  You still need to write the PROCEDURE
section of the TPL file, but R2admb can write most of the PARAMETER and
DATA sections automatically, on the basis of the data and parameter
lists you pass it.  The package includes a 'vignette' (R-speak for a PDF
document with examples); after installing and loading
[library("R2admb")] the package, you can access it via vignette("R2admb").

  Bug reports, wish lists, comments are all welcome.

  Ben Bolker

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