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Tom Snijders Tom.Snijders at nuffield.ox.ac.uk
Sat Dec 11 15:18:39 PST 2010


I got an error message when using gllmADMB under R 2.12.0. I solved it myself, but you might want to know about it.

Using R 2.12.0, I had just installed glmmADMB version 0.4-2 from R-Forge.
When running the function

(fm <- glmm.admb(y~Base*trt+Age+Visit, random=~Visit, group="subject",
                  data=epil2, family="nbinom"))

I got the error message

"'.exe' is not recognized as an internal or external command"

Inspired by the answer given by Dave Fournier (aug 30, 2010) that I found on
I did a bit of hacking on glmm.admb.
It turns out that the command
cmd <- paste("\"", system.file("bin", "windows", file_name,
            package = "glmmADMB"), ".exe", "\"", " ", cmdoptions,
            sep = "")
is not working properly on my installation.
When I change it to

cmd <- paste("C:/R/R-2.12.0/library/glmmADMB/bin/windows/nbmm.exe \ ",cmdoptions,sep="")

(which is the file path and name on my installation), all works fine.
So it seems that the system.file()  function does not work as you expect it to.
I know too little of R to easily see what is going wrong there.

Good luck, cheers to you,

Tom Snijders

Tom A.B. Snijders
Professor of Statistics in the Social Sciences
Department of Politics and Department of Statistics
Nuffield College
University of Oxford
tel. +44-01865-278599

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