[ADMB Users] inner maxg = 0 infinite loop in ADMB-RE

Motoki Wu apewu at u.washington.edu
Wed Dec 22 10:02:34 PST 2010

Hi ADMBeings,

>From simulated data, I am trying to estimate a delay-difference model
with a Beverton-Holt stock recruitment curve with process error on the
recruitment. Many times when my catch exceeds the biomass the inner
gradient becomes 0 and loops indefinitely.

I know this has been somewhat dealt with before, but I was wondering
if the infinite loop is something intentional. I fully concede that my
model could be wrong, but the current situation makes it difficult to
test the code for a wide-ranging set of inputs w/o the need for manual

I've archived a specific instance at:
"simulate6_RE_h05b" for the infinite loop
"simulate6_RE_h07" for something that works


Motoki Wu
Quantitative Ecology & Resource Management
University of Washington, Seattle

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