[ADMB Users] Command line for array memblock

Rubén Roa rroa at azti.es
Tue Jun 22 23:47:34 PDT 2010


Is there a command line for the TOP_OF_MAIN section Autodif variable ARRAY_MEMBLOCK_SIZE?:

arrmblsize = nnn

and if yes, what is it? (Probably just arrmblsize xxx)

Also, if I need to set two autodif variables (say, number of dependent variable, ndv, and arrmblsize, from the command line, how do I set both in the same line? Is it just -ndv 500 -whatever_arrmblsize 200000?



Dr. Rubén Roa-Ureta
AZTI - Tecnalia / Marine Research Unit
Txatxarramendi Ugartea z/g
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