[ADMB Users] problems with an old model in new version of ADMB

Tom Wainwright Thomas.Wainwright at noaa.gov
Wed Mar 10 16:02:07 PST 2010

Dear ADMB friends,

I'm trying to update an older ADMB model, and am having some problems getting it 
to run under the latest version.

	$ ./BaySAM -?
	 AD Model Builder version 4.5.2 copyright (c) 1993 2000 Otter Research Ltd

	$ ../BaySAM -?
  	AD Model Builder version 9.0.x
	Copyright (c) 2008, 2009 Regents of the University of California

(New version ADMB is a fresh install from admb-9.1-linux-gcc4.4-64bit.zip on a 
Linux x64 [Fedora 11] system with gcc 4.4.1.  Running 'make all' from the 
top-level admb directory runs to completion with only a couple errors, but these 
don't seem to relate to my problem.)


The old version of the code still runs fine on my system, but when I build and 
run the model in the new version of ADMB, I get two errors:


Output starts with an error:
"Error trying to open data input file /home/twain/tmp/admbtest/baysam/baysam.dat"

The file path should end in "/BaySAM/BaySAM.dat".  I see in the source code for 
model7.cpp (line 124) that the model name is converted to all lower case, which 
didn't used to happen.  This isn't a big problem here, because I can work around 
it using the '-ind' option, and the model works without that empty file anyway.


However, after running the estimation, the output ends with a second terminal error:
  "Error in dvar_matrix write"

(This appears where "Start of REPORT_SECTION" appeared in the old version's 
output.)  I suspect this may also be a file path problem, but I can't track it down.

Does anyone have suggestions?  I've attached the full output from the run.

	Tom Wainwright

Tom Wainwright
NOAA Northwest Fisheries Science Center
Newport, Oregon
The contents of this message are mine personally and do not necessarily
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Atmospheric Administration.
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