[ADMB Users] Errors in "make all"

Tom Wainwright Thomas.Wainwright at noaa.gov
Wed Mar 10 16:21:12 PST 2010

In my previous message, I mentioned a couple errors (each repeated twice) when I 
run "make all" on a fresh installation.  I just want to check if these are 
anything I should worry about (i.e. installation problems).

System:  Linux x64 (Fedora 11) with gcc 4.4.1.  ADMB installed from 

Error 1:  (Probably trivial.)  The 'forest' model compiles and runs, but output 
ends with these two lines:
	 The number created was 1770 The number destroyed was 1769
	make: [forest] Error 1 (ignored)

(This looks like the code for some reason has a non-zero return.)

Error 2:  (Might be important?) The 'liver_gamma' model results in the following:
	*** tpl2rem   liver_gamma
	cat: xxalloc4.tmp: No such file or directory
	cat: xxalloc5.tmp: No such file or directory
	Error executing command cat xxglobal.tmp   xxhtop.tmp   header.tmp
  	xxalloc1.tmp   xxalloc2.tmp   xxalloc3.tmp   xxalloc4.tmp
	xxalloc5.tmp    xxtopm.tmp    xxalloc6.tmp > liver_gamma.cpp
However, the model still builds and runs.  Can't tell if it runs correctly, 
though.  This may be the same problem discussed in the thread '"xxglobal.tmp" 
error with tpl2rem' started by Bolker last August.

Are these typical problems with 'make all', or should I check my installation?

Tom Wainwright
NOAA Northwest Fisheries Science Center
Newport, Oregon
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